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To the man some call Johnny

Who conquered Storm Eagle,

To the man some call Johnny

Who bested Tails Doll Again and again

To the man some call Johnny

Who with Matt, Mark, and Elliot Provide us laughs and fun

To the man some call Johnny

Who's Reviews informs/entertains everyone

To the man some call Johnny

From all your fans old and new

To the man some call Johnny

Happy Birthday to you!
To the man some call Johnny
This is a birthday Present to Somecallmejohnny Hope you like it Buddy!
Mr Iwata
Thank you for everything
We now Understand
We Understand, Mr Iwata
With today's news of Iwata's Unfortunate passing. I had to do some sort of Tribute to him.
I'll write a longer poem later when I'm passed the Shock phase.

R.I.P. Mr Iwata

Please Understand how many lives you touched
So I may or may not have fixed my aunt's old laptop
Well today is my 8th year Anniversary on Deviantart.
Saddest Smile.
By: Curtis Sillo

I get by with the Saddest Smile
Don’t worry I won’t cry

I get by with the Saddest Smile
I will be ok My Child

I won’t make promises that this will go away
My Sad smile, Here to stay

Don’t worry, my child, I’ll be okay
My Sad Smile, hides my pain.

Sad Smile, Sad Smile
This Sad Smile, helped me endured the Harsh Miles

Sad Smile, Sad Smile
Stays with me for the Longer while

Don’t Worry about my Sad Smile
It helped me endure what I’ve been through.

Please Child, Don’t worry about my Sad Smile
I wear it so I can Help You

© Curtis Johnathan ‘Sillo’ Jones
2015 A Courteous Silhoette Production
Saddest Smile
"We all wear Smiles as Masks. My mask is to help my loved ones."

Woot! New Poem! Let me Know what you Think!

Peace and 1

Well today is my 8th year Anniversary on Deviantart.
So this year I've decided to start a (very lenient) Challenge where I have to write a 30 chapter Novel in 30 days. The challenge will begin March 1st.

So Here are some of the rules of the challenge:

-You MUST write and complete a Chapter per day

-Your chapter Must have a word count of 150+

-Editing can be done after finishing the chapter/novel

-If your novel/story turns out to have less than 30 chapters, then the rest of the days are for editing and spell checking your novel.

So wish me luck, and to those who wish to partake this challenge with me? I wish you the best of Luck.

Peace and one

Ladies and Gentlemen! Poetry Commissions are now Open! I will write a poem about your character.

All I need is a few Details about your character (or If you want me to write about an event that happened to your character I will be glad to do that as well)

Minimum characters per order is 1 while the Maximum is 5 characters

10 Slots are Available

$5.00 per character

$5.00 off for every 5 characters

Can make more than one order as long as a slot is open


Im'raising Link:

I hope to be of Service!
So I have decided to create a new FB Page for my DeviantArt! So any thing dealing with, Poems, Commissions, Journals, I will post there. See You all there


First Final Fantasy: FFII for the SNES(Before I knew it as ffiv)

Favorite Final Fantasy Game: Final Fantasy IX

Least Favorite ff game: that one's. a Toughie... but I would have to say Final Fantasy 7... I love the game just not as much as I love 9. (Also note that I'm referring to games I played)

Favorite Final Fantasy Hero(Top #'s are also allowed) 1) Zidane Tribal

2) Zack Fair.

3) Bartz Klauser.

Favorite Final Fantasy Villain: 1) Kuja

2) Genesis Rhapsodos


Favorite Final Fantasy Enemy: hmm I gotta say the Caqtuar

Least Favorite Final Fantasy Enemy: Marlboro... Just Fuck them

Favorite Overall song in the series: It's between Suteki da ne(ffx) Melodies of life(fffix), eyes on me(viii), you're not alone(ix) and Fleeting Dream(x)

Favorite underrated song in the series: Interrupted by fireworks(vii) and within the giant (iv)

favorite final boss of the game: the battle against Shinra army in crisis core.

Least favorite boss of the game: Necron from final fantasy ix (seriously where the fuck did he come from!?)

Top 3 battle themes:

1) let the battle begin(vii)

2) Don't be Afraid (viii)

3) Battle I (x)

Top 3 Boss Themes:

1) Those who fight even Further (vii)

2) Battle 2 (ix) (DAMN YOU OZMA!)

3) Force your way (viii)

Favorite Airship Theme(s): Aboard the Hilde Garde (the obly thing I don't like about it is how little this song is played)

Favorite Chocobo theme(s):

1) Ukelele de Chocobo

2) Red Chocobo theme from ffxiii 2

Most Emotional Final Fantasy Moment: The End of Crisis Core

Most Favorite Final Fantasy Moment: The Pandemonium scene from FFIX

What do you think is the most Overrated Final Fantasy Moment?: The End of Disc one of Final Fantasy VII. It was emotional but I feel the commercials spoiled it for me so the impact wasn't as huge for me.

Who are you tagging? Everyone on my friendlist!


Curtis Jones
United States
A Poet Born and Raisedin New York. Lived in Mississippi for 6 Years. If You want to know more About me Just ask. I'm Pretty much an Open book

Current Residence: Deviantart XD
Favourite genre of music: No specific one
MP3 player of choice: Creative Zen
Favourite cartoon character: Bomberman!
Personal Quote: Motivate One self to inspire Others

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